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The over all mood of this piece is expressed by the faded ink blues.. I feel sorrow, I feel acceptance, balanced by the whites... still...

This is very good, the idea is very well displayed and i can clearly see the dog wants to get to the woman, the dog is leaping off the ...

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Ot's decent








Modle: faestock 

Ashen  - Stock Portrait Reference 20 by faestock

Background: FP-Stock 

Premade Background 009 by FP-Stock

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive …"

Fanyamir, sky lord and All Father of the Valar.. once long ago, had a love so divine, it was as if the sea had reached up and kissed the night sky it self. They always met in between.. the dreams, the land of slumber.. between death and dreams, where souls and spirits linger.. Where creation begins and love never ends..

Fanyamir breathed her into existence, from the very twilight of sparkling dust.. magic coursed through his vein and fingertips, and as his lips touched his for the very first time, thus was born the elven mystery Ot.. since she was of his magic, created purely from love, she manifested with the sparkle of the universe and took on the shine radiant as the sun, a fair golden hue. Ot embodied with Fanyamir's love, brought everything that was pure and of light to the surface, her mere presence caused flowers to grow, purple forget me nots.. tiny wild flowers that would spring under her footsteps. Her eyes were soft pale blue, like the morning sky on a sunny day, clear and almost crystal like. Ot's hair was long and platinum, wisps of cornsilk that curled just at the very ends. 

Fanyamir did indeed love Ot, but Ot was not his only love.. no Fanyamir was a magician of Gods and always had new recipes to create something new, something different, something alive. 

At Ot's creation, Fanyamir was so pleased, he cherished her muchly, he cried so deeply, so deeply that his tears created the oceans, within his reflection of the waters he saw the night sky that was Ot, and the deep ocean yearning for life. And with his love his magic and pure will, he created Aldarwen came up from the frothing seas, her eyes were a soft brown of earth, as was her hair like the woods.. she was beautiful as her own.

Fanyamir created the world for Aldarwen to live and protect so that he could stay in the sky with Ot at her rightful place, but Ot had no idea… she merely saw his attention turned away and that their love was a lie..  Ot was heart broken.. she cried until her eyes were blood red from all the tears that had fallen. 

The heavens cried and roared with Ot's anger.. "If you will continue to make me fight for your love with these creatures then I will make you fight for their love with me" with that Ot perverse her name, taking the broken glyphs to create a new sound… a new utterance, something, darker… something more profound and submerged in the dark of all Drow hearts.. "Lloth"  Lloth descended to the pits of the earth, and there she waited to seek her revenge.. 


Lloth wore out the caverns, in the pits of hell, eventually creating the underdark. She crafted there, it was her own domain, one she wanted to make as uninviting to light as possible.. she created hell beasts, and daemons, spinning untruths cursing the Valar… weaving her magic as she paced the Umbra, her wicked words whispering over and over again until she drove herself insane, hearing her own voice lapse every time she looked into the mirror of her mind, she reflected. 

She reflected, for every time she reflected she sparkled, and every time she sparkled she wove another web of lies and for every curse she spoke, a blessing unto her children

"In Lloth's honor, in Lloth's lies… fear no shadow, Lloth shall rise…

So it is woven, so let it be done, my dark magic is singing, a voice with no tongue..

Curve the light and curve the day, bend the shadows, in darkness we lay

Magic intwine, magic between, magic make her children unseen.. 

Darken their minds and blacken their souls, I breath passion in their hearts as hot as burning coals..

Let every Dark child never wander alone in their mind… the cloak of darkness marks them as mine.."

Blood red roses creeped under foot step with thorny bushes and vines…. no more forgetmenots of Ot. Ever..ever again. As her mind went realing over and over again, she screamed shattering the mirror of her mind, this creating the many facets of Lloth…Our Matron Goddess, Mother, Sister and child, Lover and friend, the many many masks of Lloth. Which one will they choose?


A shattered mirror, a fractured mind.

She bellowed, the abyss trembled. she wailed with pain as she began her transformation. As the darkness seeped into her soul it ate her alive, memory by memory, cracking the mirror of her mind, a shattered reflection of who she once was.. 

Her mind became many voices, her blue eyes filled up with the blackness of her lacking soul.. the magic contorted within her, merging with the darkness.. it tainted her, it made her innocent to evil, a fresh start, feeling nothing and everything at the same time. 

As Ot became Lloth.. creeping within the darkness of the abyss, consumed by death and transformed by magic.. of her own, her body drained completely leaving but a visage of her former self.. her skin became hard, like a spiders shell, her eyes became many, seeing all.

She saw into the many fractured pasts, and the many possible futures, never to settle in the present, she is the mystery of what never was and what could possibly be.

The darkness did not just merge with Ot, it became Lloth.. it consumed every good fiber of Ot.. and birthed a new being, a new thing.. 

A magical shapeless Lloth. Made of tiny little black widows laced with shadows, born in death. She could rebuild and break down into any length of shadow.. she drew her powers from within the vast energy that flowed freely from the abyss.. tho a fickle ether a powerful one it was.

Th Goddess Lloth of the Abyss and Underworld

Symbols: Black Widow, Silver Ankh, Spider Webs

What she Stands for:

Death, rebirth, transformation, power in femininity , mother of magic.. 

How she is worshiped:

Lloth can be pleased in many ways because Lloth is the many faced God, she will come to you how you need her most..

A fractured Goddess she is limitless in her ability to adapt and sometimes, disceve if only for your own good.

Popular Offerings (traditionally not limited to):

Personal Blood Sacrifices

Animal Blood Sacrifices

Voluntary Sacrifices

Burnt Offerings, Red Rose petals, Alchol left out for spirits and ancestors.

feeling stuck, want to create, dont know where to start..


Lily Camarda
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I've always appreciated art in any form, creativity is what I find beautiful, not particularly the medium or concept, but the soul of meaning influencing the artist.

The intrinsic value of Art, is perhaps not the execution or medium to which it is presented, rather the feeling expressed from the creator's soul. Art is creativity motivated to solicit understanding and empathy beyond what words may sometimes offer.


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so many seasons of change....


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